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Unveiling Excellence: 5 Tips to Become an Exceptional EMDR Therapist for Trauma

Updated: Feb 7


Embarking on the journey to becoming an exceptional EMDR therapist for trauma involves a delicate blend of knowledge, skill, and compassion. At Aglow Counseling, we believe in fostering excellence in therapeutic practice to empower both therapists and their clients. Here are five invaluable tips to guide you on the path to becoming an amazing EMDR therapist for trauma.

  1. Master the Fundamentals: Before delving into the intricacies of EMDR therapy, ensure a solid foundation in trauma theory and understanding. Familiarize yourself with the principles that underpin EMDR, such as the Adaptive Information Processing (AIP) model. A thorough grasp of the fundamentals sets the stage for effective and informed therapeutic interventions.

  2. Continuous Training and Supervision: EMDR is a dynamic and evolving field. Engage in continuous training and seek supervision to enhance your skills. At Aglow Counseling, we prioritize ongoing education, providing our therapists with opportunities to deepen their expertise through workshops, seminars, and collaboration with experienced mentors.

  3. Cultivate Empathy and Compassion: Trauma therapy requires a profound level of empathy and compassion. Create a therapeutic environment at Aglow Counseling where clients feel safe to explore and process their experiences. Develop a keen awareness of the emotional nuances that may arise during EMDR sessions, fostering a compassionate connection with those seeking healing.

  4. Customize Your Approach: Every client is unique, and their journey through trauma is personal. Tailor your EMDR approach to meet the individual needs of each client. Whether integrating mindfulness techniques, adjusting pacing, or incorporating additional therapeutic modalities, a customized approach ensures a more resonant and effective therapeutic experience.

  5. Prioritize Self-Care: At Aglow Counseling, we recognize the significance of therapist well-being. Prioritize self-care to sustain your energy and effectiveness. Establish healthy boundaries, engage in regular supervision, and participate in activities that rejuvenate your mind, body, and spirit. A well-nurtured therapist is better equipped to guide others through the transformative process of EMDR therapy.


Becoming an amazing EMDR therapist for trauma is a journey of continuous learning, compassion, and self-discovery. By mastering the fundamentals, engaging in continuous training, cultivating empathy, customizing your approach, and prioritizing self-care, you can unlock the full potential of EMDR therapy to facilitate profound healing and transformation for your clients. Together, let's illuminate the path to excellence in trauma therapy at Aglow Counseling.

With love,

Stacy Ruse, LPC

Stacy Ruse, LPC, is an esteemed Evergreen EMDR consultant, IFS-Institute consultant, and founder of Aglow Counseling. Stacy teaches a therapeutic style that is characterized by the art of EMDR & IFS therapies with a transpersonal twist, transcending the conventional boundaries of traditional therapy. Her holistic approach acknowledges the interconnectedness of mind, body, and spirit allowing individuals to tap into their innate resilience and ignite their personal transformation journey. As a trauma expert, national and international trainer, and clinical consultant, Stacy's approach is deeply rooted in trauma-informed methodologies.

IFS-Informed EMDR Consult Group:

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