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Find Harmony with Aglow Counseling
 \ ə-ˈglō  \ adjective
: To Light Up withIn. Glowing w/ Warmth & Radiance 

All Welcome

Welcome to Aglow Counseling your compass for a multifaceted approach to therapist development and conscious client care. Therapists, explore my enriching trainings in EMDR therapy, Internal Family Systems (IFS), transpersonal techniques, and more.  Elevate your practice through clinical and group consultations, designed to foster your growth, creativity, intuition, and enhance your skills.


My approach is anchored in EMDR & IFS therapies with a transpersonal twist and all services are catered to your needs.  I believe in the transformative power of integrating diverse therapeutic approaches, including EMDR, IFS, Somatic, Attachment, and Transpersonal therapies for transformative and meaningful healing. 


Join me on a journey of exploration, empowerment, and lasting positive change.


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With Love, AGLOW

"Great counseling is the alchemy of transformation, where pain becomes purpose, and wounds become wisdom."

-Stacy Ruse, LPC

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